Fourth Cycle of Country Meetings (August/October 2014)

  • Fourth Cycle of Country Meetings

    During the months preceding the Samarkand Plenary Meeting, Country Meetings are being held in all of the five partner countries: at the Tajik State University of Commerce (TSUC), Dushanbe, 24-25 October 2014, Country Coordinator Zarrina Kadirova; at Kyzyl-orda State University after the name of Korkyt Ata (KKSU), Kazakhstan (24-25 October 2014), Country Coordinator Gulnara Zakirova; at Naryn State University (NSU) in Kyrgyzstan (21-22 August 2014), Country Coordinator Rahat Bekboeva; in Uzbekistan, the Country Meeting is hosted by Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh (KKSU), Nukus, Country Coordinator, Pulatkhon Lutfullayev (23-24 October 2014); and in the last week of October 2014, the Turkmen Country meeting will be organised in Ashgabat by Country Coordinator Ogulsona Godzhaeva.

  • In each meeting there is a first public session in which the achievements to date and future prospects of TuCAHEA will be illustrated; the rest of the meetings will be dedicated to the discussion of the new Course Catalogues and Learning Agreements, to the preparation of the Pilot Regional Student Mobility scheme, and the finalisation of the Reference Points and Guidelines for the eight TuCAHEA Subject Areas. The Country Meetings will prepare for the work to be accomplished by the Subject Area Groups during the plenary and work meeting in Samarkand, in Uzbekistan.

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