Happy Birthday TuCAHEA

  • On 15 October 2014 TuCAHEA celebrated its second birthday

    Happy Birthday TuCAHEA

  • TuCAHEA is two! On 15 October 2014 TuCAHEA was two. Like for all healthy and active children, the second year was full of important landmarks, with a couple of minor slips, slides and bruises.

  • TuCAHEA learned to walk and even to run. It is ready to do high-jumps in its third year. The second year saw 10 Country meetings, two Plenaries (Bishkek and Dushanbe) and two training visits! The excellent fourth Kyrgyz Country meeting has already taken place, in Naryn, in August. On that occasion TuCAHEA nearly reached China, visitingTash Rabat, near the Torugart Pass, and more importantly, aligning competences and learning teaching and assessment activities, in order to show the way to completing point 7 in the Reference Points and Guidelines Template!

  • In Rome, at the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, the representatives of the Ministries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan signed a Communiqué, promising to move forward to build Central Asian collaboration in higher education. In the up-coming Fourth Plenary, to be held in Samarkand, it is foreseen that Turkmenistan will also sign the Communiqué.

  • Next week Country Meetings will be held in Nukus, Dushanbe and Kyzl-orda, preparing for the Samarkand meeting of mid November. The Pilot Student scheme is ready to begin in January 2015, and all TuCAHEA is busy making Course Catalogues and finalizing Learning Agreements.

  • Happy Birthday, TuCAHEA, and to all your members, friends and supporters.

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